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Multifandom Icontest

version 1; Brotherly Love

Prison Break Supernatural Heroes Iconchallenge
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prison break supernatural heroes
PB Super Heroes Icontest

Welcome to pb_super_heroes! This community was inspired by hp_lotr_potc, except we focus on Prison Break, Supernatural, and Heroes. Each week, I set up three new challenges (one from each fandom) for icon makers to compete in. When each challenge ends, the top three and Mod's Choice are awarded with a nifty banner.

Founder: phoenix39
Maintainers: phoenix39 kheartsmusic
1. You don't have to be a fan of all three fandoms to participate. If you like Prison Break and Heroes, but aren't crazy about Supernatural, you are more welcome to participate in the PB and Heroes challenges. All I ask is that you respect everybody.
2. You can any images, unless told told otherwise.
3. Icons must fit LJ standards (100x100 and 40kbs or less).
4. Icons must be made specifically for the challenge. Don't post them anywhere else until voting is over.
5. All effects, such as lights, stock, text, textures, even animation are totally allowed.
6. You cannot enter more than two icons per challenge (total of six).
7. Don't follow tutorials too closely. Don't copy anyone else's work. Try to stay original. Also, the icons must be made entirely from scratch! All bases and manips must be made by you.
8. Be sure to read the rules for each challenge as they might change from time to time.
9. Most importantly, have fun! And don't be afraid to take risks. Try new and unique things with your icons.
10. To enter, simply post the icon with HTML and then the link under that. Like so:

Voting and Schedule
1. Don't vote for yourself.
2. Anyone can vote and you can tell your friends to vote, but DON'T tell them which icons are your's.
3. Anonymous votes will be ignored.
Sunday: Challenge posted.
Wednesday: Mid-week reminder.
Friday: Challenge closed. Voting posted.
Saturday: Voting closed. Winners announced.
There is a list of terrific photo galleries in the sidebar.
If you would like to affiliate, comment here.
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