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Challenge 13: Fake Spoiler Icons

This week we are going to do fake spoiler icons in anticipation of the new seasons of Prison Break, Supernatural, and Heroes. Here are some examples of what I mean made by nil_nyx:


Your icons don't have to be text-only.  Be creative. These icons are meant to be funny and not actual spoilers. Here is the icon post that contains these three if you would like to see more examples.

Entries are due Saturday, August 9.

[x] Icons must fit LJ rules: 100x100 and 40kbs or less.
[x] You can make a total of four per fandom, total of twelve.
[x] Icons must be made specifically for this challenge and must remain anonymous.
[x] Text, lights, brushes, animation, and any other effects are welcome.
[x] Be original.
[x] When entering, please try to keep your entries separate.
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